Stakeholders have played a key role throughout the project in helping to define project outputs, with just under 80 individuals now part of the CLIPS Stakeholder Group.  This includes public authorities, commercial enterprises and academic/research institutions, with members such as Manchester City Council and the Government of Cantabria, Progress Software and D’Appolonia, and the Universities of Salento and Hacettepe, who have each provided recommendations to the project around aspects such as market requirements, challenges and even pricing which have been accounted for when defining the CLIPS value proposition. For a full list of the CLIPS stakeholder group, please see the stakeholders section of D2.4.2.

Now, as we move towards market deployment later in 2016, stakeholder input remains key, particularly in identifying early adopters who are willing to trial the project assets – more on this to come. Therefore if you represent a Public Authority, SME (especially independent software vendors) or large company with an interest in testing the project assets, or you are a citizen interested in how public cloud services can benefit you, then we are keen to hear from you.

Further information about the project assets and next steps can be found below

Alternatively please contact Olaf Swanzy (CLIPS Stakeholder and Dissemination Manager):